Blocksworld Music

made by Zen1th

This is the default music that Blocksworld uses, useful for people that want to revert back to default Blocksworld music.

Install Instructions (Blocksworld Launcher and Steam)

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to Library tab
  3. Select Blocksworld, right-click and click on Properties..
  4. Select tab Local Files and click on Explore Local Files..
  5. From the newly opened window, go into directory Blocksworld_Data
  6. Go into directory StreamingAssets
  7. Extract all the files from the .zip file you just downloaded to the opened directory.
  8. Launch Blocksworld!

This is NOT a support section, do not send bug reports here! For support / bug reports / any kind of problem, please use the forum.

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mrinteractions2Saturday, March 4th 2023 15:47:30 UTC

thank y poop

BritishFeline53Wednesday, January 4th 2023 21:35:29 UTC

you know you can just copy the soundtrack straight from the game instead of pirating music and giving it for free

TehRandomDolphinWebMonday, July 11th 2022 00:35:24 UTC

for those confused, this mod was meant for reverting back to the default music if you've modified those files and didn't create a backup of them.

LongTailCat3Wednesday, April 7th 2021 17:04:18 UTC

Why does this exist

LongTailCat3Sunday, February 14th 2021 19:48:17 UTC


Same music.