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4D and Hyperbolic Geometry Mod

made by Milin11

This mod is not available for download.

This extends the game's dimensionality to four spatial dimensions. You rotate your 3D slice of the 4D world/align your hyperplane horizontally or vertically, use an alidade to save a certain 3D slice for later, and use a compass that records coordinates using four numbers (x, y, z, w) while making a distorted 4D graph (the horizontal w-axis intersects at a non-right angle). The free move and free rotate code blocks also gain an extra axis called the w axis. The shortcuts for planes xy, xz, xw, yz, yw, zw are shift + x + y, shift + x + z, etc. There are also models of the hyperbolic platonic solids, a dodecahedron and icosahedron, a glome, 16 regular 4-polytopes (including the tesseract), the 4 Kepler-Poinsot polyhedra and 39 other regular polyhedra, antiprisms, cupolae, hemicubes, hemi-octahedra, hemi-dodecahedra, hemi-icosahedra, catalan solids, uniform star polyhedra, some Johnson Solids, dual uniform star polyhedra, honeycombs, tetracombs, the 48 regular polyhedra, compound polyhedra, bipyramids, uniform prismatic star polyhedra, dual uniform honeycombs, Archimedean solids, and more. This is based off of 4D Miner, a game made by Mashpoe with a steam demo and patreon version. If I knew how to code or design, I would have made a version (I'm too lazy.)

Install Instructions (Blocksworld Launcher and Steam)

  1. Extract the .ZIP file you downloaded into (Documents)/blocksworld_develop/user_[somenumber]/user/lua_mods
  2. Start Blocksworld
  3. All done!

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