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Cursed Roblox Mod

made by Volagor Boi

Hello. Have you ever wanted to create a world with a t-posing sans that can go through walls? NO?????? weirdo...

Just kidding

don't want to offend anyone

The holy 4

"What the fuck is that UV my guy? :DXDDDDDDXXDDDX:" -DDK 2020

Install Instructions (Blocksworld Launcher and Steam)

  1. Extract the .ZIP file you downloaded into (Documents)/blocksworld_develop/user_[somenumber]/user/lua_mods
  2. Start Blocksworld
  3. All done!

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TheAnimationBoyTuesday, January 26th 2021 20:24:39 UTC

lol what

can't download

it's cursed

im looking foward to the cursed wrolds. send them here I guess