R.I.P Mod

made by hyper_xshadow

This mod is not available for download.

Also packed with memes. Adds a r.i.p texture (Coudnt get the lua to become saved, you can make a lua file whatever you want. (Im saiki.) V.1 : .zip File. V.2 : .zipx File. V.3 : .7z file. After downloading the zip, rar or 7z, you need Bandizip to open these formats. If you did not install them, you wont be able to open them. Enjoy them.

Install Instructions (Blocksworld Launcher and Steam)

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to Library tab
  3. Select Blocksworld, right-click and click on Properties..
  4. Select tab Local Files and click on Explore Local Files..
  5. From the newly opened window, go into directory Blocksworld_Data
  6. Go into directory StreamingAssets
  7. Extract all the files from the .zip file you just downloaded to the opened directory.
  8. Launch Blocksworld!

This is NOT a support section, do not send bug reports here! For support / bug reports / any kind of problem, please use the forum.

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esir pleease a tach ye ol mod to yer submission!

Wait, i mean its true-

Note: The install instructions are not true. If you wish to extract them, put the sound files into : StreamingAssets file. If you wish to use this texture, ill have to see it with Zen1th.