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Jukebox (Big Treble configuration)

This configuration sports a massive flipper and custom attachments to Jukebox's frame. Made to go up against Horizontal blades and full-body spinners.
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Jukebox (Soundwave configuration)

Blocksworld is kicking into gear with this new Fan Server! So, I figured, why not bring back a piece of the old me and refresh my mind by making a battlebot?!? Yeah, I know there's mods and stuff here, but really... why not stick to what I know now, and test later? Anyways, this is Jukebox... a music-inspired modular bot whose weeapon/armor can be switched out! And when I mean it's modular... there's probably as many genres of music as there are configurations for this bot. Ok, maybe not that many, but still. Jukebox has a host of options to choose from in terms of weaponry and armor pieces.
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Where's my TTC world?

I had literally built like a bunch of custom coded stuff for TTC in the sm64 game im making and it isnt visible in the world list but the files are still there. what is happening and is there any way to fix it? I could probably recode it all but I want to get the world back out of convenience.
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Vought F4U Corsair (WIP World)

The Vought F4U Corsair was an American carrier-borne fighter aircraft that saw service in the 1940s and beyond. CONTROLS: (on the ground) up arrow key: start engine right arrow key: accelerate to takeoff speed left arrow key (when in the air): retract landing gear (in the air) WASD: move up, down, left, right WEAPONRY: space: guns shift: missiles This world is still a work in progress, I will be adding more details and such.
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Secrets of the State - Puzzle

Enter World. Solve the Puzzle. Discover the Secrets of the State.
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Sad game ;(

sad game ;(((
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A die

Just a normal die
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Space AI Combat Test

This test includes 1 AAQ Carrier, and 3 test drones. The Carrier's armament consists mainly of anti-fighter and anti-torpedo weaponry, with minimal capital ship grade weapons spread around the hull. Test drones and Carrier are invincible and you can see how many shots hit the drones via the Carrier's weapons.
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bloxtar hero - Beats

the unfinished version of the bloxtar hero - beats
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esplote the car
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the rock raceway

the first racetrack of the playoffs
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BWRL hall of fame 200

the 24 wins for the second time
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Canada is the good bro.

it's just a fact.
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Optimus Prime Ragdoll

A ragdoll I made. Not my best but ok.
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Ship sinking

SS Homeric real ship rms queen mary real ship
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LET ME IN NOW this my meme

:> explore my fist world is very happy no?
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guitar hero test

does anyone remember this game? no? ok. controls: tap or hold a button when the note is on it or use the i, j, k, l or up, down, left, right keys (hint: so levels in the full game will required keys and not to click the buttons, so practise both clicking and using the keys) up/I is blue down/K is green right/L is pink left/J is red
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You go Skyscraper Non-Diving. Get Arrested. And Go To Jail

It is non-diving
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