a cool parkour game

it took me an hour to make this
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Super armor test

read title btw I will publish super armor soldier soon
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Just me melting to pices

pls sub
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USAU (United States Army Units)

also making Furrys a thing for a Story (DON'T KILL ME JUST BECUSE I MADE FURRYS OK)
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Crazy street

just a showcase
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Pls sub to me
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Flying cap mario showcase

Sub to me pls
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just a little showcase
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2 player duel

i is the guy in the right and k is the guy in the left
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Zombie Virus !

infect all people around the map and use the missile to become people on zombie ! Good luck
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watch out!

dont get hit!
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giant blockster caught on camera!

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Oblivion Class I Battleship

The Oblivion Class I Battleship is one of the many types of gargantian starships serving Mars and the Machine God, with its hull, armors or important components being made of or shielded by the unique self-healing living metal unique and developed by the Mechancius. The weapons equipping the large vessels: 36 Autocannons and heavy AA emplacements (combined) 12 Twin heavy MVC batteries 28 Boarding Chutes/Missile Launchers 40 Gauss and Lancer energy cannons (combined) [Ramming enemy vessels] And more I can't add in but will in the shop. Much of the vessels don't really have actual crew, and if there are, they're cybernetic and A.I given individuality. Being to operate at effectively and efficiently.
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Realistic aerodynamics. Restart once before playing This world was specifically designed for PC controls Controls: WASD (on ground) : walk WASD (during flight) : yaw & roll Shift : Accelerate Space (on ground) : Jump L (above 20 b/s) : Toggle cruise mode I : Toggle advanced flight model K : Toggle HUD
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R.I.P Flash Player

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GI JOE (short) (shift to play)

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First Time Making a Pose

Hey everyone! Today I'll just be posting something that I made for my friend Mega. Her account on roblox got hacked one day so as a comfort gift, I made this for her; a custom look that I have made from scratch for her! She liked it, and I think you all might like it as well. Enjoy!
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who is the killer

put the green block on someone and press space on it so it will explode
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bruh test

custom sounds
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Yes, my ex-friend tries to destroy parties, I think so!

Yes, my ex-friend tries to kill me at parties, I think so!
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Ellis Harbor Special Projects (EHSP)

thie is a for a new thing im doing in the summer this based of a roblox group im in
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Nr2003 600 at Tombstone

the 99 wins and gets in 78 66 24 8 99
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Dear Clanka_559 - Swag Opportunity.

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Dear Quin0911

Send me a message on Discord via -LolBit-#2159 I want to talk about one of your worlds. You aren't in trouble or anything I'm just a fan.
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