Gobilin pizza 600 Lap 1

6 plays

Cop Getaway

Grab the sword, but dont get caught. Sword located on the other side of town in a garage. blue flag on top to inticate. About myself: I was a huge fan of BW. untill our Ipad died, alog with the game. but i am so glad i can recreate worlds until my heart is content. PS: Next world. Rocket league!
12 plays

A Interactive Car!

A Car That You Can Open The Trunk, And Doors. No Buttons Involved! If You Want To Open The Car Doors...Click The Handle! (I will Make Sure You Can Open The Hood, In the Meanwhile You Can Only Open The Front Doors, and The Trunk)
3 plays

A Nice Picnic

It's just a nice lil' picnic. :] Press space to ascend.
6 plays

UAV mitainayatu.

Its test place.
4 plays

Working Rocket Artillery (VERY JANKY)

{RESET BEFORE PLAYING} just a side project i decided to do, just get close to the control panel of the rocket artillery to fire and to angle it up and down. Very inaccurate, so two rocket artilleries as you can fire simultaneously. :/ Destructible props in game. go ahead, mess around.
4 plays

held at gunpoint

I get held at gunpoint and am "forced" to comply with their demands and yeah. thats a cool thing.
3 plays

ST Motors Korosasi

The Korosasi is a minivan that your steriotypical soccer mom would drive, and fittingly so. It has many seats and great storage space for your kids activities.
2 plays

it all comes to this

all of this work and testing comse to this the fans are ready, the dirvers are ready for this race
4 plays

I was messing with drones.

so uh, here is the Description: Evil Drones are taking over the city and they're trying to kill you! Controls: Wasd - Move Shift - Swift Move Up and Down Arrow Keys - Lift up or Down
9 plays

Get To The End

Almost exact recreation of my first game I published on the first Blocksworld server. It sucks ahaha. I even kept the huge, annoying LiKE sign. It had 98 plays on the original Blocksworld.
1 plays

Sonic and the coins ( Select only one!)

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Ferrus-Bastion Class II MBT

First person toggle by pressing up and down buttons at same time. Weapon scrolling with shift or left and right button. Availiable in shop. (Destroyable props in world) The Class of the II Ferrus-Bastion MBT is an upgrade from its previous version, having greater armor improvements, weaponry and mobility from its predecessor and aquiring a more uniformed style. These upgrades for the tank include improved operating efficiency and sensory for interned cybernetic veterans or A.I and energy stability in near-all situations. Weapons info in shop.
4 plays

ST X-S Race Edition

The race version of the X-S is a more enjoyable ride than the original; it now has better stering and breaks, albiet still not on the same caliber of previous Race Editions. Complete with a racing livery, performance improvements (other than speed), and new wing. In addition, different tailights than the stock ones were put on. These tailights were from a prototype version of the original X-S.
11 plays


Thrash is a brutus-type, four-wheel, dual weaponed bot. It starts with a uniquely massive wedge leading up to its equally unique single-tooth disk spinner. The spinner also has an integrated flamethrower in it, allowing it to "slash and burn" the internals of a bot. that line definitely isn't stolen. Nope. Not at all.
8 plays


2 S.W.O.R.D. Games are back! Play both the Switchblade and Claymore Games! Switch between an ATV and a Hovercraft in the Switchblade Game while in the Claymore Game fire the defense laser! Also enjoy!
15 plays

CCDSN Soldier (small blockster)

The usual combat uniform for a CCDSN infantryman.
1 plays

The Eeveelution Tale: Reboot Announcement

Ignore this if you don't care.
4 plays

Get Reese's Puffs

Your family is out of Reese's Puffs!! So you need to get more!!
33 plays

The River flows on...

Raven's back, baby!
3 plays

Explore Jurassica!

You've seen my dinosaur models... now get ready to explore the Island of Jurassica! Jurassica is a mysterious island that lies in the middle of the south-west Pacific Ocean, where it is filled with lots of prehistoric life! Discover dinosaurs like T. Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and many more! More dinosaurs and worlds will be coming soon! :)
4 plays

bruh car

5 plays


NOTE: This is not for the BWMC (because its dead lmao) or GAW, but something else. Humanity's first ion rifle (you heard me right, ION rifle). The technology was acquired from Hjshch and Venirian infantry rifles, mostly taken from the battlefield, and is mostly seeing service alongside PC61s and XM2161s with CCD troops in the XMMH-56 War to better penetrate Venirian armor. It is rather heavy however, at 10.2 pounds, as well as being very expensive and being able to fire only 20 shots before the battery must be replaced (although the ion magazine can fire 10,000 shots before needing to be replaced.
3 plays

i am the tank

how to avoid the noid step 1:
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