MCR Racing Haulers

#3: Nate Wright #4: SC0513
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How a BWRL car is made part1

The car is made with a steel metal the make it strong on the track this is just part one of how they make it work
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Rex Motorsports hallers

Powered by ST Motors of corse 8 845trex 78 Teargaming
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ST Racing joins BWRL

this was amazing to see ST in BWRL they will make the last 2 races in BWRL 1 and they will go full time next year
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Michigan Speedway AI test

with BWRCS race cars
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Get ready

the next race will be at seaside
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BWRCS Daytona 500 Winners

2017: 845trex (first BWRCS race ever) 2018: Cramsword 2019: Colorful 5 2020: Stormdestroyer 2021: SC0513 (first start)
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amongus test

amogsus tezt yez tihz ez ae tehzt!
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ST Racing Transporter

Was too lazy to do a proper area, lol. The official ST Motors Racing transport truck! Meant to carry ST Racing's race cars and more! Controls: Arrow keys: Self explanitory Shift/L: Open/Close back door (May not work on first try, if it doesn't then keep on pressing)
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T-13 Main Battle Tank

The main battle tank of the Primean Empire. The tank is a large somewhat slow tank that is heavily armored. The tank has a powerful main gun. It has multiple anti air missiles and countermeasures.
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F-13 Fighter

The primary fighter of the Primean Empire. It is incredibly fast and able to operate in both space and in atmosphere and is very agile.
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TTC? In my Blocksworld server?

Haha just kidding... unless...? Poggers. IT IS BACK. Hell yes. I am so happy. You dont even know. I also will be releasing teasers to upcoming games and codes on my discord, so please, join if you like my work. ( Pro Tip: be sure to explore this, never know what you may find. Hold on, did you see that, because I didn't notice this while I was recording. *zooms in* Nathaniel dev path Bandy every goddamn time.
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FDOWS Season 1 Race: 3: BW RaceTrack

Welcome to the 3rd race of this season of FDOWS. Here's the points as of now: 845Trex: 12 Points CramSword420: 1 Points. Twi: 7 Points. ST Racing: 5 Points. Nate (SCO513):3 Points. Make and sell your car so I can add more racers in! Credit to 845 for the track!
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Survival Of The Fittest Revival (BETA) [PROJECT]

The newest version of Survival of the Fittest is here! its better than ever and its even more efficient and playable! multiple new mechanics such as manual placement of buildings, meaning you can decide where your hut goes! better AI and inventory system, better weather system that uses the bottom bar to represent body tempurature, and many many more! K - Inventory and GPS Shift - Attack L - Place building (can't place onto trees or rocks, waitf or the button to appear and it will drop it right in front of you)
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Tharcaps wins

1st win this season
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MCSCC Iceburg Street Circuit

Tharcaps wins
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ai neon city

omg this is big track
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SC0513 wins again

2nd win of the season
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the seaside 400

the 6 car wins at seaside and the 24 gets in the final 4
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Nate Wright packing up

for fdows THIS IS NOT ME!!!!
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(W.I.P) improved Tombstone Race Track

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BWRCS Champs

2017: Stormdestroyer 2018: Colorful 5 2019: Cramsword 2020: 845trex 2021: SC0513 (rookie champion)
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jet game

press left and aright arrow keys to fly dont hit the ground
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