Minecraft Mod V.1

made by Volagor Boi

This mod adds MUSIC/MODELS/TEXTURES from Minecraft.

Currently has:







and other stuff

Also the extracted folder is called wii mod don't ask why

V.03 is going to be really good.

I took Zen1th's suggestion and added all the ores except for Redstone.

I added bookshelves, diamond block, diamond ore, iron block, iron ore, etc.

Also I finally fixed the model for the sword(Thanks DDK!)

If you want to install the mod but it doesn't work, send me a dm and I'll send you the version you want.

Might take some breaks for a while since my Mom is getting really mad that I've been spending too much time on this instead of hw.

Install Instructions (Blocksworld Launcher and Steam)

  1. Extract the .ZIP file you downloaded into (Documents)/blocksworld_develop/user_[somenumber]/user/lua_mods
  2. Start Blocksworld
  3. All done!

This is NOT a support section, do not send bug reports here! For support / bug reports / any kind of problem, please use the forum.

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Just saying IcyFlares you can just 0.01

this would be a great mod IF I CAN ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD IT

can't download

Waiting for more people to download....