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made by Blockycoder

This mod is not available for download.

Most people have been wanting this. Why not Comments? You can comment on worlds, And you can get likes and dislikes. You can’t get replies, tho.

Install Instructions (Blocksworld Launcher and Steam)

  1. Extract the .ZIP file you downloaded into (Documents)/blocksworld_develop/user_[somenumber]/user/lua_mods
  2. Start Blocksworld
  3. All done!

This is NOT a support section, do not send bug reports here! For support / bug reports / any kind of problem, please use the Discord server.

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ApophisThursday, December 22nd 2022 06:25:18 UTC

What do I do when it says: “Unexpected Network Error: Sorry, Blocksworld data could not be loaded. Please try again later. Error: A server with the specified hostname could not be found.” I tried uninstalling it and making a new Game Center account but nothing seems to work. If you know the answer, please help me.

LongTailCat3Saturday, April 3rd 2021 17:38:34 UTC
LongTailCat3Saturday, April 3rd 2021 17:37:57 UTC

Maybe they don't have a Discord But go to forums Blockycoder You can't like, dislike, or comment on worlds either.

Alex145837Thursday, March 25th 2021 20:14:51 UTC

ok what.. this is a suggestion, you need to take it to the official Discord Server of BW2. in order to Zen1th to make this possible to happen!

hyper_xshadowThursday, March 25th 2021 18:43:36 UTC

woah i want it